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Having a Shitty Day without Losing your Sh!t

Having a Shitty Day without Losing Your Sh!t

About Dr. John A. King

Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

Dr. John A. King is an author, poet, long-time activist and founder of the Give Them a Voice Foundation in Texas, which he launched in 2015 to provide advocacy, support, resources and rescue for those who have been sexually abused or trafficked. He has appeared in two multi-award winning documentaries, and is a subject matter expert on PTSD Recovery. When he is not helping others or making sales presentations for his media company, he's working on his first full-length novel.

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What Others are Saying

[Dr. King’s] honesty is rare in this field, and it’s nice to get a vibe that you are talking to a real person...#dealwithit explains complex concepts very simply. If you are interested in dealing with your own PTSD, or just in the topic in general, I highly recommend this book.”

Jason Walter Venthouse Counseling

Dr. King has unselfishly devoted his life to helping others improve their lives. Hearing him speak is truly inspiring! 

Donald Harvel  Brigadier General, TX Air National Guard

The very moment I heard John speak, I was transported...Dr. King guides us to be educated and united to become the change we need to see.

Jeannie Mai Co-Host of Emmy-Winning Talk Show "The Real"


Having a Sh!tty Day without Losing Your Sh!t

We all have bad days. Get some tips to deal with your next one here.