This week we are continuing our mental health series with another look at exercise. I have found it to be an essential tool in my PTSD Recovery toolbox, and talk about it extensively in my book, #dealwithit: Living Well with PTSD. Over the next few weeks, Melissa and I will explore a little of the science behind exercise and its effect on the body, and discuss the benefits we receive from daily movement, as well as suggest some ways you might incorporate exercise into your routine.

Regular exercise can actually boost your self-esteem. We all need that sometimes.


1. Exercise can change your physique, which can increase your confidenceIf you are feeling great about the way you look, your approach to life is different. You tend to approach new scenarios, problem-solving, and social situations with greater confidence.

2. Establishing a healthy habit gives you a sense of accomplishment. Getting out of bed a little earlier and lacing up those running shoes (even when you don't want to), gives you a feeling of self-mastery.

3. Exercise can be a social activity. Having a friend join you for regularly-scheduled exercise can encourage you to spend time with others. Studies show that connection and closeness with others is an important factor in raising self-esteem. 

If you haven't yet made exercise a part of your daily routine, consider it! Reach out and let us know how you're going. We are happy to help!

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