Live Well After Trauma

#dealwithit is the perfect book for anyone who is getting up to go again, or is in the middle of the fight and just needs to hear, “You can make it.”


If you or someone you love has experienced any kind of trauma and it affects you in your daily life, #dealwithit can help you with tools to cope.


Written as a survival manual by someone who actually has Complex PTSD, #dealwithit uses plain language to describe changes in the body as a result of trauma.


In #dealwithit you will find "tools for your toolbox" of managing the impact of trauma on your life. Read a chapter today and apply it to your life tomorrow.


The recovery process is different for everyone, but #dealwithit will give you a common language to use with those close to you who want to help/understand.

Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

About Us

We are John and Melissa King, and we help folks who want to live well, regardless of their past trauma. We wrote #dealwithit together, partially in response to a question that John gets a lot when folks learn about his past: "Why are you not MORE crazy??" No matter where you are in your journey, we believe #dealwithit can help you.

Dr. King Shares Why he Wrote #dealwithit

Nice things people say about #dealwithit


I read the book in a couple of days, and it is an amazing book. It is inspirational, and will be a companion to me for many days to come. This book injects my soul with hope. John's words resonate in my mind when I am triggered or experiencing intense fear. Mel's presence in the book was so comforting, and helped me see the importance of my husband's role in my recovery.

I may not have full blown post traumatic stress disorder, but as a former law enforcement officer I have minor bouts of hyper vigilance and a strong feeling of anxiety in crowded places. Dr. King’s story has been a blessing to me in a multitude of ways.

This book can help anyone; from those who deal with mild symptoms to those who are battling fatigue and total meltdowns from PTSD.



John's candor and humor has made this book accessible to me, it's made it relatable, and by extension allowed me to view parts of myself that I may not have been able to do from a clinical standpoint. It's written by a man with actual experience, and that comes through.

I loved this book because [as a doctor] my clinical brain knew the medical principles around PTSD, but my heart had not yet caught up to how they translated into real living. Dr. King, by telling his story, his struggles and triumphs, has brought it to me full circle.


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