It’s not just about PTSD. READ IT if you want to become a better you!

I teach the subject of Hostage Survival and Personnel recovery for a variety of clientele which include government and private sector. Post Traumatic Stress is one of the topics that are discussed during this training. Many of the individuals I train also happen to be combat veterans. When this issue is discussed with my veteran students this is also a topic that is very near and dear. As a combat veteran myself I recognize the very REAL and SERIOUS nature of PTSD and its effects on the lives of those inflicted by the results of a past traumatic experience and the effects on their loved ones.
In my sphere of influence I try to teach students about developing the Survival mindset and learn how to reframe perception, because as Orwell so brilliantly stated “perception is reality”. One of the goals in my program is to teach others that we are all human and have certain thresholds and limitations that are specific to us, and how to recognize our physical, mental, emotional and psychological vulnerabilities and to minimize them through, changing conventional mindsets, teaching them exploitation resistance methods and understanding the process that one undergoes after experiencing traumatic events.
There are a series of various reference materials that I use to support the curriculum. Many of those references are specific to the military and law enforcement application fields and simply act as guidelines in minimizing and identifying the effects of the traumatic stress that generally ensues a traumatic event.
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I love this book by Dr. King, is that, although it does a fairly good job explaining the various types and conditions of traumatic stress disorders, it does something else that no other book that I’ve read on the topic does. IN PLAIN ENGLISH AND COMMON SENSE SPEAK IT GIVES ONE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO ACTUALLY LIVE WITH THE CONDITION.
It’s written by a very intelligent man who, he-himself is inflicted with this. He goes into illicit detail about his own personal trauma. He …. by all definition is a “normal” guy…. not an “elite” commando or some other “hardened, highly trained” whatever. He does a great job illustrating the concept of reframing perception and destroys the literary facade of what many consider “normal”.
There’s no BULLSHIT theory here. This is the example of a man who is affected by PTSD. He experienced the event, was inflicted by the physical, mental, emotional and psychological scars, his life was impacted by it and then he TOOK CONTROL OVER IT!
After reading this book there are many things that I gained from it. Some I already knew but wasn’t applying and others are new that I find ABSOLUTELY applicable. The book is a well written, highly entertaining and informative guide that ANYONE can use to improve their life. It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from PTSD, or addiction or you just want to be successful. The principles behind John’s plan to become the best he can be apply to EVERYONE who wants to be the best version of themselves they can be.
I’m happy that a friend sent me this book and its very rare I give a book 5 stars. I’m very glad I read it and plan to make this another of my recommended reads to go along with other books from authors like Colonel Dave Grossman and his On Killing and On Combat.

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